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axcdo2zaeyrpdc6z.onionHello: I am unfamiliar with the Tor network but will try to do this anyway. I have been gangstalked for 4 years now. It's an unbelievably stressful situation and I will have a hard time articulating all the details of it. It is like being bullied. Way too many details to count or recount. In 2010, for reasons that are important to me, I began to do street evangelism. I got some signs made that had meaningful Christian messages on them; some of them included Bible verses. They weren't ugly or malicious. I simply stood on the street holding the signs. It was great....loved that I was so vividly identifying with Jesus in the public square. I was in Nashville, TN in fall of 2013 when the trouble started. Let me add that I am a highly educated guy - UVA undergrad, and at that time I was working on my MA in English (online) from Morehead State Univ. I was also scoring TOEFL responses from home for ETS. Very steady part time job that paid the bills. I was in Nashville a few months doing evangelism without any problems, or complaints. After about 3-4 months, though, the cops really turned on me, albeit unofficially. They would harass me while I was doing the evangelism, followed me around in traffic, etc....Tangibly aggressive towards me. I was devastated, as I thought this was the best thing I had ever done. After a while it was obvious that I could not keep doing this activity so I quit. When the semester ended I relocated to Colorado Springs, CO. I thought, if I can't stand on a corner in Nashville with a sign I don't want to be here at all. Colorado Springs was a fairly random choice; it has a large Christian community, though and is close to Denver, where one of my adult sons lives with my granddaughter. In Colorado Springs I found a great spot in the middle of town. I was happy as a lark but I was being watched with a great deal of suspicion. Let me stop here and explain that I have one mark, from 1982, on my police record. I got caught shoplifting a steak from a grocery store in the DC suburbs. That's it. Nothing else. I'm a Christian and would not steal anything from a store. Anyway, after a couple of months the police started the same routine that happened in Nashville. It was obvious that I was not welcome to do evangelism. Having gone through the drill in Nashville, I decided pretty quickly to forego the evangelism. This time, however, the police persisted in stalking me. It became a nightmare. They followed me around, seemingly always around me, behind me, etc....I noticed that, while shopping, store security was now watching me like I was a thief. It was very traumatic. I was so invested in the M/A that I had to soldier on anyway. My hair was falling out from the stress. That summer, 2014, after I finished the degree I decided that I had had enough of being stalked and started making phone calls; I called all the tv and radio in the area to no avail. I contacted the SEC. of STate of CO who told me to confront the police! I also called the FBI. When the cops / stalkers started parking outside of the house where I was renting a room, I freaked out and called the mayor. From that point on I apparently have become persona non grata among cops. I left town in September under duress. After staying a few months in Denver I went to KC - there is a lady here that I have a crush on. I was greeted in KC with more of the stalking. Cops stalked me on the way to work - making it impossible for me to make a living. Rather non descript people in unmarked cars followed me around. This happened primarily in Lees Summit but also in Kansas City. The effect of this was (and is) terrifying. I succumbed to a heart attack in May 2015. I was 56. Although I can't blame the heart attack exclusively on being gangstalked, it absolutely contributed to it. At the hospital a cop actually followed me into the ICU and laughed at my plight while I was laying on the gurney. The next day, a couple of cops conspicuously pushed a gurney in front of my room; was it a show of force as if to say, we put you there? After a week in the hospital I left KC for a seasonal job back in Nashville. When I got to Nashville I was greeted with more of the same. Cops followed me around, buzzed by me in traffic. This time they also spread lies about me among the local merchants, all of whom seemed to be convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that I was a thief. I was effectively kept from buying groceries at Kroger and WalMart. While in a Dollar General, the store manager watched me like I was a thief and made a veiled reference to something that I was involved in while I was a freshman in high school. I had always spent a lot of time in Panera stores but the cops poisoned my relationships with the stores there, making it so unpleasant that I could not even eat there. The experience of going to the stores was so unpleasant that I simply gave up on going. When the seasonal job ended in December 2015, I left Nashville under duress and came back to KC. I have a strong interest in door to door evangelism and there was a church in Lees Summit that was doing that. Back in Lees Summit in Jan 2016, I was greeted with more of the same treatment. Cops parked in the neighborhood in the hopes of intimidating me. I was effectively chased out of the church - familiar refrain by the way - because of the relationship between the police here and the church security, who are former cops. They are making it almost impossible for me to make a living. I am now working in roadside rescue....cops follow me to the job sites, cruise by while I am working, etc...I am followed, seemingly non stop, by cops everywhere I go. They seem convinced that I am about to commit the crime of the century. They also warned all the merchants in town that I am a one man crime wave, making it effectively impossible to shop in Walmart, and several other shops here. The stress of this is mind numbing. The simplest things are an ordeal. It's an ongoing ordeal. It's definitely killing me. I lost 30% of my heart (now scar tissue) and I can literally feel pain in my chest every time they stalk me. It is true that after time anyone being tortured will succumb to it. I now fear that my resolve to "love my enemies" might end and I will get into a confrontation with one of these folks. That's precisely what they are hoping for, I suspect. It is not hard to imagine a situation where I respond to their provocation and something awful happens. I am begging you to please shine light on this situation. I will be happy to come to you or meet you. Thanks Jeff Criswell. 816-207-88162017-10-18 08:50:232017-10-18 08:50:232017-02-14 19:20:55
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